Swansea University

In 2015 I was awarded the Swansea University Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award. As part of this we had a panel on being an enthusiastic teacher. You can view this
video of our panel.

Postgraduate teaching

  • MA module ALEM20: Second Language Acquisition

Undergraduate teaching

  • ALE306: Second language acquisition (level 3)
  • ALE211: Psycholinguistics (level 2)
  • From 2011-2013 I also taught
  • ENA300: Dissertation preparation module (level 3)
  • ENA301: Dissertation (level 3)

Newcastle University

Postgraduate teaching

  • MA module: Cross linguistic acquisition of syntax
  • MA module: Introduction to Language Acquisition

Undergraduate teaching

  • Fourth year French undergraduate module on French Second Language Acquisition (including syntax, semantics, pragmatics and sociolinguistic competence)
  • First year module to French, German and Spanish language undergraduates on Introduction to Linguistics/Language Acquisition

Workshops to staff and postgraduate students

  • Selling your thesis: Guide to writing an introduction (Swansea University COAH postgraduate training)
  • Workshops (practical) on Latex for typesetting books, articles and theses (Swansea, Oxford)
  • Seminar/workshop on the use of CHILDES software and transcription conventions (Oxford)
  • Introductory workshop on the use of N.Vivo in qualitative research. (Swansea and jointly with Mairin Hennebry & Yuen-Yi Lo at Oxford

School teaching

  • A-level French (AQA, ages 16-18)
  • G.C.S.E French and German (ages 14-16)
  • Key stage 3 French and German (ages 11-14)